Photos of FLL 2012 Senior Solutions mat and missions

Note: photos updated on 8/12/2012 after we figured out more missions and got comments from other teams.  KT    Send us comments if you see any other changes.

In the spirit of Coopertition® and Gracious Professionalism, below are pictures of our completed Senior Solutions robot game table with mission mat and mission models.   We think a lot of the school based teams in our area (North Texas) may not have access to their FLL robot game yet.     Our blog software only gives us 2MB photos.

Please note that my team is GUESSING about the mission model locations on the mat.    FIRST LEGO League will announce the official robot game mission board and mission descriptions on August 28th.    Here are some pictures with how we think it will look on the board:


Update: We also now think that the smaller part of the white broken chair starts in Base.   I’ll take a new photo at next team meeting.


Starting at Base and going clockwise around the board and then up the middle


We now think the bottles need to be reversed so you can see the white center labels from the photo below. We think the mission might be to find the orange bottles and take to home base leaving the green bottle within the lines at end of the game.




Good Luck with 2012 Senior Solutions!  We are busy working on MoonBots Phase 2, so if we don’t answer your comments for more information on mission elements, that is the reason for the delay.

8 thoughts on “Photos of FLL 2012 Senior Solutions mat and missions

  1. Anthony T

    Our team has discussed the probable placements of the table elements and our solution has some discrepancies with yours.

    1) At first we had thought that the garden pieces go there too. However, the Velcro space to the east of the Ball Game module is a more probable place for the one with the carrots and rake to go, if only because of the two orange dots in that space corresponding with the location of the carrot container. Scoring position for the other piece is then likely “in” the box around the first garden piece.

    2) That leaves the places where you put the gardens empty. We believe that these will be occupied by the quilt pieces, each set of squares in that area holding two quilt pieces of the same color. Scoring position for the remaining pieces will be the black triangles adjoining these spaces, hence the name of the mission.*

    3) The woodworking piece that you placed on the table may be in base, but your guess is as good as ours.

    I hope this helps and good luck this season!

    *This leaves the bowling pins as the probable penalty objects.

    1. Team News Post author

      Hi Anthony, We came up with the similar changes but I just got around to taking photos and updating. Thanks, Model Scout Robotics

    2. pmichaud

      I do like the notion of bowling pins as touch penalty objects — they’re away from “base” so it’s relatively easy for a ref or assistants to grab them. On the other hand, it compels refs or assistants to stand at the ends of the tables, which might complicate views for spectators a bit more. (I also wonder if six touch penalty objects will be enough; from what I observed last year I think it ought to be enough.)


  2. Dave Anderson

    First – Our team thinks the woodworking mission has 1 part of the chair in base at the start. You retrieve the part by the table and assemble (fix) the broken chair in base for points.
    Second – We are not sure which quilts are dual locked to the field mat and which are in base.
    Third, we didnt have any extra 3 long axles. We do not know what those 11 little boxes are for.
    Fourth, The medison mission – we thing the refs will set the medison in random order and random spacing inside the small rectangle – the mission might be to find the green one.
    Other than that we came up with the same for the other missions.
    Team 40 – Crazy Creators

    1. Team News Post author

      Hi Dave, My team was not sure if the 1 part of the chair was in base or on the table. I think you are right — in the base…since it wasn’t on the table in the mission model build instructions. I added text to state it should be in the base.
      We think 4 quilt tiles are on the mat and 4 in base. The color scheme on mat suggests which quilts go where.
      On the medicine mission, we also think it is a screening mission. The official name is “medicine screen” so we agree the mission is to determine which is orange vs green and take 1 color only bottles to the base (we think take 3 orange to base).
      Thanks for your help, Model Scout Robotics

    2. pmichaud

      (2) My guess is that two of the orange quilt pieces are dual-locked to the quilt spaces where the background is “orange” (well, orange-ish), and two of the blue quilt pieces are dual-locked to the spaces where the background is “blue” (i.e., farther west).

      (3) There’s actually twelve little boxes on the mat, so I’m wondering if they are (or were) related to the touch penalties somehow. The use of axles is purely speculation (and something that would fit the boxes) — but I think if this were really the answer then axles would’ve been included in the field kits. We’ll have to wait for the 28th, I guess.

      (4) I have trouble believing that “medicine in random placement/order” is likely for the robot game — that means that a team’s score can be greatly affected simply by “luck of the draw” or placement of the pieces by the ref. In previous FLL contests I haven’t seen any missions where randomness/ref judgement would play such a big factor, so thus far I’m inclined to disbelieve it in this case. If it is “random”, that feels like a significant departure from the recent years’ competitions that I’ve seen.

      Also, I’m not sure how easy it would be to detect green versus orange using a standard light sensor, especially given varying lighting conditions on the fields.

      Those are my thoughts; of course, the game designers will give us the answers we seek in two weeks. 🙂



      1. Anthony T

        I wouldn’t discount the possibility of random placement so easily. The Body Forward challenge had a totally randomized mission. Besides, there are no markers for specific location. Also, the white patches would enable color sensor scanning, especially if you are line following on the (thanks Scott!) parallel line.


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