Absolute Agreement Icc

To this end, we proceeded to a re-analysis of the theory presented by refs. [4-6] supplemented by demonstrations with Monte Carlo simulation. We limit this discussion to the single score CCI; That is, each measure used in the analysis is a single measure, not the average of two or more measures. In the notation used by McGraw and Wong [6], this results in three different ICC formulas, called ICC (1) (the original, un biased ICC introduced by Fisher [3],, ICC (A,1) (icc absolute compliance in the presence of Bias) and ICC (C,1) (ICC consistency in case of bias existence). These three formulas are identical to the three formulas ICC (1.1), ICC (2.1) and ICC (3.1), so named and discussed by Shrout and Fleiss [5]; However, the notation used by McGraw and Wong illustrates by systematically separating the absolute correspondence (A) and consistency (C) of the CCI; That`s why we decided to follow their rating.