Dost Sei Scholarship Agreement

Your star will shine in the near future. You will overcome them. This can only be the beginning of a long journey to a successful career at S&T. As the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu said, “a thousand-mile journey must begin with a single stage.” Until you need a successful S&T graduate. We. I would like to congratulate all the scientists who have made their way to the Science and Technology Undergraduate Scholarship Programs. Unavoidably. Director 6. We wish you good luck! JOSETTE T.MESSAGE As the new Director of the Science Education Institute (SEI).

He was ready to guide you and keep you on track. BIYO. at SEI. To our dear scholars. Obstacles can come in your way, but with firm determination and faith in God and Himself. Know that you have a lot of potential in you and that you just have to do it. are very proud of you and we are right behind you to support your efforts. It takes one small step at a time to succeed. and guide our country through your S&T contributions to economic stability and national development. But I am convinced that you can go where you are. Always remember that this scholarship is your stepping stone to your ultimate goal and ultimately to your success.

We know you`ll join the S&T community with this small step. You can overcome challenges and challenges if you focus on your goal. Ph. Whether you find this S&T Scholar`s Handbook useful.D. During the loA period, the scholarship holder is not entitled to one of the scholarships. It will be restored as soon as the fellow returns from the official LOA to the postgraduate programme. For a scientist who received fellowships during the semester before applying for an official LOA, but who received an authorized LOA, the scholarships and stipends released will be deducted from his or her rights during the following semester after returning from LOA. You will then be asked to repay the financial assistance granted to you, plus 12% interest (direct payment).

SCHOLARSHIP PRIVILEGES During the regular academic year, tuition fees. You must meet the grade requirement. Transportation costs. Reserve the allowance. You automatically lose your scholarship place. If you decide not to be a Filipino citizen when you have reached the age of majority. DUAL NATIONALITY Make it an obligation to choose Philippine nationality when you have reached the age of majority.e.00/academic year. The cost of physical education is uniform for P500. in a good academic reputation and/or without a bad grade.000. The postponement of scholarships can only be granted in certain cases.

4. Original tickets must be submitted for refund at the beginning and end of the academic year. For compulsory textbooks and important school materials that are released as a direct contribution to P10.5. The effectiveness of these scholarships and the release of financial aid does not begin until the signing of the scholarship agreement. . . .