Unifor Collective Agreement Ecsd

11.3.5 The department pays the portion of the teacher`s benefits covered by Section 7.0 of the collective agreement for thirty-six (36) weeks of parental leave. The HSA remains active for the duration of parental leave, but no additional credit will be paid to the HSA during this period. (3) For the duration of this collective agreement, the main minimum aid is not subject to network increases. 15.2 “central post” refers to any object that is in italics in this collective agreement. 1.10 Effective January 28, 2020, all provisions of the collective agreement are considered gender neutral. b) The transition committee meets to decide the issue and communicates its decision in writing to the parties to the collective agreement and, if necessary, to the mediator. 14.3.1 In addition to the leave of absence provided in sections 9.3 to 14 of the collective agreement, the parties agree to grant the following leave. Leave is granted with a maximum total salary of four (4) days for the engagement and return of a family member`s secondment to military service. For the purposes of this clause, “a family member” is every member of the teacher`s immediate family. It is possible to take up to two (2) days off at the time of making available and up to two (2) days when the release is made available. 2.1 The duration of this collective agreement is from September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2020. Unless otherwise stated, this collective agreement is fully applicable until 31 August 2020. 11.3.4 The service pays the part of the teacher`s benefits and contributes to the HSA amounts under Section 7.0 of the collective agreement for sixteen (16) weeks of maternity leave.

1.2 For the purposes of this collective agreement, and notwithstanding the provisions of the Schools Act, Teachers` Day is considered non-compulsory. 4. This legal letter expires on August 31, 2018 and will not be renewed beyond that date, even if the collective agreement is satisfied by the course of the law. This letter of intent does not apply to a general salary increase or lump sum payment for a settlement agreement negotiated after August 31, 2018. 2.6.1 In centralized table negotiations, representatives of the association and TEBA meet no later than 30 days after the announcement of collective bargaining. At the first meeting, the association and TEBA will exchange details of all requested changes. (c) the parties may, in a particular case, accept an alternative arbitrator and complete or remove the list of arbitrators by mutual agreement. Each contracting party may amend Clause 17.3.2 by terminating the re-opening of the collective agreement for the purpose of renegotiating Clause 17.3.2. If the parties do not accept an amendment, the issue will be discussed in the next round of collective bargaining. 1.4.1 has the exclusive power to bargain collectively with TEBA on behalf of all teachers in the bargaining units and to engage teachers in each collective agreement with respect to the core concepts; And 2.2.2 In the absence of an agreement, the matter is decided by arbitration at the end of the PECBA.