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Robotics Presentation to Pack 1492 in Sasche, TX

Team Model Scouts took a road trip to Sasche, TX to meet Pack 1492 on May 17th, 2012.    Naturally, we brought our robots.   We setup and ran three stations at the pack meeting: 1. First Lego League Robot Game, 2. robotic gadgets,  and 3. robot navigation —  a. line following using a color sensor, b. navigating to a beacon with compass and IR sensors sensors.

35 scouts from Pack 1492 attended the event.

Model Scouts entertains and educates at Friends of Scouting dinner

Model Scout Robotics entertained the guests at the Circle 10 Annual Friends of Scouting dinner on March 6th 2012 at the Dallas Hyatt Regency Hotel. We showed our autonomous robot, Scoutbot, running the Food Factor Challenge Robot Game course. We educated scouts, Scouters, and scout supporters on First Lego League, the new Boy Scout Robotics merit badge and getting started youth robotics. At the dinner, we heard an amazing female Venturer scout sing the National Anthem and we heard Condalezza Rice speak. Former First Lady Laura Bush attended the dinner but we were fairly far away to see her.

Matthew explains NXT-G code as robot moves

Eagle Scout asks Matthew a question at Friends of Scouting dinner