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World Class 556 point run at North Texas FLL Regional Championship

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Here’s an annotated video of our team’s 555 point run at the North Texas FLL Regional Championship, held on February 14, 2015 at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas and sponsored by the Perot Museum of Nature and Science herunterladen. Matthew was the driver for this round, with Walter running attachments.

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Nature’s Fury 550 point run at World Festival

Here’s an annotated video of our team’s 550 point run at the FIRST LEGO League 2014 World Festival, which was good enough to earn 6th place in the Robot Game sticker download iphone.  Veronica was the lead driver for this round, with Anthony handling attachments.

We were very pleased with the team’s and robot’s performance at the World Festival high sierra vollständig herunterladen.  The team’s goal for the season was to create a robot that performed consistently well in the robot game, and at the World Festival all robot runs in practice and competition were over 500 points (scores were 562, 562, 520, 550, and 520) skip bo herunterladen.  Republic of Pi was the only team to score over 500 on every official robot run at the World Festival.


What does the bot say? (music video)

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In December the team would frequently play the video of Ylvis’ “The Fox” while working, and we started making up our own Nature’s Fury-related lyrics herunterladen. I told the team if they qualified for the Regional Championship we’d make a video.

The organizers from the Perot Museum then let us premiere the video at the championship yesterday herunterladen.

Portable FLL table demonstration

At last year’s North Texas regional qualifier tournament, the team’s robot did not perform as well as expected. After reviewing the robot’s performance, we decided that the practice table we had been using was partially to blame herunterladen. So it was time to build a new one.

The video below shows the table we came up with. One important feature of the table is that it disassembles into pieces small enough to fit into our van, so we can take our FLL equipment to other schools and organizations for demonstrations app wo ist downloaden. Indeed, this was the table we used for our Discovery Days exhibit at the Perot Museum earlier this year wie zdf mediathek downloaden.


Senior Solutions 580 point practice run videos online

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We’ve posted some videos with the team’s top-scoring practice runs on YouTube.  For a wide variety of reasons the robot never achieved 580 in the Robot Game competition… its best competition score was 530 windows 10 updates niet automatischen.  However, it regularly achieved 580 in the Robot Design judging rounds.

For the North American Championship the robot was upgraded to be able to score 590 and to be able to activate the ball game from the center platform just as time expires itunes download laptop for free. Hopefully we’ll get a video of that soon.


There are two other practice videos available (these are also 580 point runs):

Rubik’s Cube solving robot from

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A couple of months ago Matthew built the MindCuber robot from Since then we’ve taken it to several demonstrations and contests and it’s always a big hit with the people that see it typo3 dateien aus dateiliste herunterladen.

Here’s a video of the robot in action. We’re eager to see the program source so we can make some modifications to it!

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MoonBots 2012 The Thrive Award

The MoonBots 2012 judges have announced the awards.   Model Scout Robotics earned

The Thrive Award – For their effort to keep going no matter the personal obstacle spotify songs via mobile data. This team has surprised the judges for their completion of the lunar surface and the robot missions. Definitely deserve the ultimate Gold Star Robotics Merit Badge playstation downloaden in rustmodus!

Our coach’s wife condition is stable.  We look forward to competing in MoonBots 2013 !

Here is a link to the project we built for the competition hue scenes.

Vote for FLL Founder Slingshot Water Purification Device

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from FIRST LEGO League HQ in  Manchester, NH

Check out this short film on FIRST founder Dean Kamen’s Slingshot water purification device, which was produced and directed by FRC Game Design Committee member Paul Lazarus my bible module herunterladen. The film is currently a semifinalist in the Focus Forward Film Competition, and the FIRST family can help name it an “Audience Favorite” by voting for it online tekk samples downloaden.  Watch the film, then click the “Vote Now” button that appears at the end –

Moonbots Demonstration

Our MoonBots team (Anthony, Katie, Matthew and Patrick) finished the video of our MoonBots game and our robot running some of the game mission tasks spass bilder kostenlos witze lustige bilder mit sprüchen kostenlosen.

We have postponed our Outreach event until we have more of the mission tasks running well.   We designed our MoonBots lunar landscape game board to be easy to transport.  After we have more missions running well we will take it to out to demo to some local scouting groups.  We also plan to demo it at Moon Day (July 20, 2013) at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas, Texas laidtofall texture pack downloaden.

We had a lot of fun working on MoonBots 2012 and we learned many new skills.  We are looking forward to MoonBots 2013 garageband windows for free.