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Volunteered at Perot Museum for Innovation and Engineering Discovery Day

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Model Scout Robotics put in a full day volunteering at the Perot Museum on February 9.   For the Discovery Day on Innovation and Engineering event, the team members gave demos of our FIRST LEGO League 2012 Robot Game solution.  We also brought several of our other LEGO Mindstorms robots and had a station set up so visitors could drive our robots on the floor using our tablet, Android phone or LEGO Mindstorms controller.   One of the robots was a variation of our MoonBots robot so the kid driver could drive watching the robot’s camera output on our laptop split film kostenlosen.

One of our parents kept a tally on visitors to our station.   We demoed to a total of 320 people at the Perot Museum.    We got as many kids as we could to run our remote control enabled LEGO Mindstorms robots and gave the kids the opportunity to setup and run our robot missions under our guidance to give them the feel of competing in a FIRST LEGO League robot game.   It was a fun day tomtom herunterladen kostenlos!

1st Place Champion’s Award at North Texas Regional FLL Championship, on to Nationals

Model Scout Robotics participated at the 2012 North Texas FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Regional Championship tournament at the Hockaday School on January 12, 2013.   They won the 1st Place Champion’s Award at the event — the highest award in FIRST LEGO League at the regional level.    This award is earned by the team with the strongest performance across all four areas of the competition (robot game, robot design, project and core values) hay day downloaden pc.

Our team now has an invitation to attend the FLL North American Open Invitational championship at LEGOLAND California from May 17 to 19th 2013!   We are raising funds and we are going herunterladen!Team members are (from left to right): Walter, Anthony, Matthew, Veronica and team captain Katherine pro train simulator kostenlos downloaden.

Coppell FLL Scrimmage and Engineering Expo

Model Scout Robotics went to the Coppell FLL Scrimmage and Engineering Expo on Nov 10, 2012. Thirteen North Texas FLL teams participated.  Model Scout Robotics had the top score.  Our robot made some mistakes, but we still earned first place.   Here is the team with our “Cowstravaganza” First Place Robot Game trophy (photo coming soon).  Coppell Robotics First Tech team is called the Mad Cows — thus the cow themed trophy disney channel herunterladen.

A big THANK YOU to Matthew Johnston and Coppell Robotics for hosting an excellent scrimmage.  We know how much work has to occur “behind the scenes” for events like this, and the whole team of Coppell organizers and volunteers are to be highly commended for their work mp4 online.

We were also quite glad to see so many familiar faces from last year’s North Texas FIRST LEGO League competitions.  If we didn’t get a chance to properly say “hello” to you, it’s only because we were busy trying to watch other teams’ robots and fix some unexpected problems with our own private tax 2018 herunterladen zürich! (Our robot failed spectacularly in its second round…  Lesson learned:  Always check that your sensor cables are plugged in fully at the start herunterladen! 🙂 )  Best of luck to everyone at the regional qualifiers!

After participating in the FLL Scrimmage the team visited the Coppell High Engineering Expo which was adjacent the to FLL scrimmage.   Katie chatted with many of the colleges that were presenting at the Engioneering Expo.  The colleges were looking for students with past engineering and robotics experience which is good for our whole team.  Katie, Veronica and Walter visited most of the college booths.  Matthew and Anthony spent some of their time watching the Coppell Robotics basketball playing robot and talking shop with the team radio app kostenlos.

Coppell Robotics hosting FLL scrimmage Nov. 4

Terrific news! Coppell Robotics will again be hosting a scrimmage for FLL teams on November 4th videos on instagram. They hosted a scrimmage last year, and as a (then) rookie FLL team we found it to be incredibly helpful in our preparations for the regional qualifiers kann man bei joynen.

Also, like last year, the scrimmage will be held in conjunction with the school’s 5th Annual Engineering Expo, which means that FLL team members can explore schools and projects related to engineering, as well as see some of the entries for high school level competitions g data antivirus downloaden. Last year our team really enjoyed touring the many exhibits.

So, if you’re a FLL 2012 team in the North Texas area, I highly recommend having your team participate in the scrimmage bvb logo herunterladen. Don’t worry if your robot doesn’t perform well — the important thing is to get some experience with a contest-like environment and to see how other teams are approaching the challenges ultimate custom night herunterladen. (For example, the “fish sweeper” we used in last year’s robot game came directly from watching another team’s robot at the scrimmage do a similar thing.)

Space is limited, though, only about 15-25 teams will be able to participate, first-come first-served sketchup german. To register or get more details, send an email to

Even if you don’t have a robot ready for the scrimmage, make plans to attend the scrimmage and Expo iphone hintergrundbilder herunterladen. Just having an opportunity for your team to meet other teams and share ideas will be worth it.

International Observe the Moon Night 2012 is Saturday, Sept 22nd

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This Saturday night, September 22, is International Observe the Moon Night.   Space enthusiasts with telescopes have planned moon observation events throughout the world.  Many of the events are open to the public.  To find a party near you, check out the event map at the International Observe the Moon event’s web site.    There are hundreds of moon gazer parties throughout the world.  Chances are there is a public moon watch event near you where you can talk with space enthusiasts and view the moon through their telescopes.   Our robotics club will be at a Dallas area public moongazer party free.


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Matthew and Anthony win at DPRG Roborama2012a

Matthew and Anthony for Roborama 2012aOn May 12, 2012, team members Matthew Thomas and Anthony Mellone placed first and second in the Junior Level Line Following contest at the Dallas Personal Robotics Group (DPRG) Roborama 2012a competition windows 7 update herunterladen abbrechen.

For the Line Following contest, robots had to successfully make two laps around a course indicated by black electrical tape on white vinyl tile disney+ downloaden op lg tv. Matthew’s robot (“Heinz Doofenbot”) completed 2 laps of the course in 75 seconds; Anthony’s robot (“Subatomic Fusion”) had difficulty with one of the sharper curves but still earned second place herunterladen. Both Matthew and Anthony received gift certificates to and Tanner Electronics for their entries google maps karten herunterladen android.

Below is a video of Matthew’s winning run. You can also see other videos of Model Scouts robots at Roborama 2012a, the full Roborama 2012a video playlist, and other pictures from the event funny birthday pictures to download.

Coach Patrick also entered some events at Roborama. We’re all looking forward to the next DPRG contest apps downloaden xbox 360!

North Texas Regional FLL Championship Playoff Videos

Here are videos of our quarterfinal and semifinal rounds at the North Texas Regional FLL Championship on January 21, 2012 video von facebook downloaden mac. We scored 205 points (our highest!) in the quarterfinal round and 195 points in the semifinal round. We made it to the final round and took second place, but couldn’t get a good video angle so we don’t have that one Download the ice queen 2 for free.

Many thanks to Michael Thomas for the video footage!

Here’s the quarterfinal round. The bacteria missed the sink in the final mission(s), so we didn’t get our robot-maximum of 209 points metin 2 herunterladen.

Here’s the semifinal round herunterladen. The robot hit and moved the blue pollution ball as designed, but the ring moved with it so we didn’t get the points there. When turning to head to the far (east) wall, the angle was slightly off so we missed the purple bacteria dispenser from youtube musik.

Team Model Scouts wins awards at 4th annual North Texas FLL Robotics Championship

Team Model Scouts 2011

Team Model Scouts (#8658) won two awards at the fourth-annual North Texas FIRST LEGO® League (FLL) Regional Championship robotics tournament iphone klingeltöne kostenlos downloaden deutsch.  The team placed 2nd in the Robot Performance Competition and received the Judges’ Award as special recognition of their overall performance at the tournament juwelenspiele kostenlosen deutsch.  The team consisted of (left to right in photo) Brady Chanpong, Katherine Thomas, Matthew Thomas, Anthony Mellone, and Brendan Chanpong, all of Plano, Texas herunterladen.

The FLL competition was produced by the Museum of Nature & Science and presented by Lockheed Martin feuerwerk simulator kostenlos downloaden.  Teams of young “engineers-in-training” spent months studying food safety, then built and programmed autonomous robots using LEGO® MINDSTORMS technology to score points in 2.5-minute “mission” matches on a food safety themed playing field can beed fortnite on xbox 360. Over 150 teams from the North Texas region competed in five regional qualifiers in December 2011; the top ten teams from each qualifier were invited to compete in the regional championship on January 21, 2012 herunterladen.

With a mission to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, FLL engages kids through exciting, mentor-based programs that build math, science and technology skills herunterladen. Aimed at an international audience of students, ages 9 through 14, the competition teaches real-world problem solving through engineering design and teamwork herunterladen.

Unofficial FLL Scrimmage at Coppell Engineering EXPO

We went to a scrimmage today to practice being at an FLL tournament.  The scrimmage was part of Coppell High School’s Engineering Expo.  So the afternoon was part scrimmage and part field trip schichtplan erstellen kostenlos herunterladen.    Robbie worked quite well on their FLL tables.  We earned 121 points in the robot game.  There were a few waves in the mat.  We wonder if the regional qualifier tables will be similar.  A big thank you to Coppell Robotics’ FLL Team “The Mad Cows” for putting on the scrimmage event wo kann man dvd cover herunterladen!

Also, did you know that Coppell High School has an engineering booster club?  Parents and the community really support the education of their future engineers in that city office app herunterladen. Awesome!