MoonBots 2012 Phase Two Game Design

For MoonBots 2012 Phase Two, Team Model Scout Robotics has completed its “Scaled Lunar Landscape Design” and “Game Idea and Mission” documents. These are available as a single PDF or as separate PDF documents.

Documents for Phase Two sections “A” and “B”:

  • Complete set: Scale Drawing, Mission Tasks, Landscape Setup (pdf)
  • Scale Drawing (pdf, png, odg)
  • Game Design and Mission Tasks (pdf, odt)
  • Landscape Setup (pdf, odt)

Mission Model files:

2 thoughts on “MoonBots 2012 Phase Two Game Design

  1. Griffin

    Hey guys this is Griffin White from team 6656 the boys from Dallas comp. at parish if you get this I just want to further congratulate you for the award you won and I can’t wait to see you at the regonal tournament

    1. Team News

      Hi Griffin. Greetings from Model Scout Robotics to “The Boys”. I still remember “Wash your Fruits and Vegetables from FLL 2011. Good luck at the championship — See you there. Ms. Paula


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