Model Scouts receive Award at Boy Scout event

Model Scout Robotics attended the  Boy Scout of America Circle 10 Council awards dinner at Plano Centre on April 19th, 2012.    On stage, each team member was awarded a Certificate of Achievement for their success as a Scout team in FLL arobotics competitions. The audience chuckled that our winning robot was named “ScoutBot”.   We were the youngest award recipients at the dinner.    Two of the Scouters there thought Katie might be the youngest girl to receive a Circle 10 recognition award (she’s 14) in the Council’s history (1913) since Boy Scouts is historically just for boys.  They also noted that maybe 1 Cub Scout in the council (our council is the large with about 50,000 youth members) would earn a council level award each year.   Our team has 3 Cub Scouts, so Circle 10 made Team Model Scouts night a very happy one!  The van was full of chatter on the way home.   I wish I had taken a picture of the Welcome Robotics team banner at the registration table but it did not occur to me until the next day. I’ll remember next time!




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