MoonBots 8/7/2012 Team Meeting

Today at MoonBots team meeting we did the following:

  • Watched Curiosity Entry Descent and Landing coverage on NASA TV and looked at latest pictures.  Matthew and Patrick had stayed up late to watch the coverage live late Sunday night.
  • The Dallas Morning News called to interview the team.  They and Iron Reign will be in an article in the Thursday or Friday newspaper.
  • We celebrated Anthony birthday with cake and strawberries.
  • Reviewed Mission Model status.  Matthew demoed his launcher.   We decided Anthony will create a space shuttle like vehicle in Lego Digital Designer to add more flair to the board.     Patrick showed a modification to the starting base. Everyone liked it.  There aren’t any other mission model changes.   Patrick will order the parts for the starting base.
  • Team placed the base for the MoonBots game board into place.    We added the 25 base plates and secured them together to each other using Legos.   We added our prototype mission high ridge and ramps.  We also added a paper version of each mission model to the board to see how it looks.
  • Katie inished the document on Game Missions with point values.   She adjusted the point values assigned at the last team meeting so the maximum score is 380.   We didn’t have time to review. She is working next on the game description and a scoring sheet.
  • Our next MoonBots meeting is on Saturday Aug 11th.

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