Welcome 2013 North Texas FLL Teams and Coaches

Today was the first UTD Coaches Clinic’ for 2013, hosted again by Dr photoshop wimpern brushes download kostenlos. Kenneth Berry. It was wonderful to meet so many new coaches and see another exciting year get underway!

If you’re a new coach or a rookie team, we know you likely have lots of questions and trepidation spiele kostenlosen-bubble shooter. We’re glad to help where we can.

As in previous years, our team is maintaining a resources page with links and copies of documents relating to the North Texas Regional FLL tournaments adan downloaden gratis. The page is available at http://republicofpi.org/projects/fll2013/resources/ , or you can follow the “FLL” links in the menu above klingeltonen iphone.

We create and maintain this page for our own benefit — to make it easy to have announcements and files all in one place. But we also know it can be useful for others, and we like to share it freely pink floyd download kostenlos. If you can think of anything else that would be helpful to have available on the page, please let us know!

If nothing else, be sure to join the North Texas FLL Google Group — lots of announcements and helpful discussions take place there onedrive bilder downloaden.


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