Working on Moonbots video

It was a long but productive team meeting today.

Matthew demoed his new monorail robot – it does a great job of climbing a staircase bannister.  Not what our coach probably had in mind for a stairclimber but its cool and creative klingeltöne herunterladen iphone.

We finished the script for our Google Moonbots video and shot footage of the team with green screen  on camera.   Will review team videos from coach library for clips to add in the team section for the video rechtsrock musik downloaden kostenlos.   We need more wow factor in the  video ending.

For background music,  music from Stargate or Star Trek  is not going to happen.   You Tube might delete our video if the background music is copyrighted and violates “fair use copyright law”.   Looking for  license free background music android 5.1.1en.

The team built the lunar base from last meeting for use in our video.  We found most of what we needed from other Lego models around Matthew’s house so the build did not take long.    Need to film the base progression sequence tomorrow and switch to background clips on real lunar robots that do not have copyright issues.   Will switch from SpaceX to Dragon rockets in title sequence movies for children to download.

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